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Hey guys, my name is Matt. I am the founder of Cash Offer Kentucky. When I first started many years ago as a solopreneur real estate investor, I made a decision that I was going to be different than all the other investors in my area. I’ve done this by going above and beyond in all my real estate transactions. I have talked to banks for homeowners that were in foreclosure, I have connected people in probate with affordable estate planning attorneys, and I have even helped homeowners get connected with reliable contractors.

I have learned over the years that although making good money in my business is important, it’s just as equally important to build quality relationships that are meaningful with homeowners.

“Matt made the process go very smoothly and closed FAST. He was able to get the property closed right before New Year! Incredible timing Matt, could not have asked for a better experience!”

– Walter (Louisville, KY)

Our Ultimate Goal

At Cash Offer Kentucky, our goal is give you an offer that you can feel satisfied with and provide you with the peace of mind you need to not to have to worry about the added stress of having an unsold house.

We do it whatever it takes to ensure the deal makes sense for both of us. In the past we have given homeowners more time in the property, helped with moving expenses, we’ve even helped with bad tenants!

Flexibility is something we do very well at Cash Offer Kentucky. We understand that every circumstance is unique which is why we initially meet you, we ensure that we fully understand your specific scenario and proceed with the transaction based on your needs.

We Buy Louisville Houses In As-Is Condition

We take pride in what we do. When we buy your house, it allows us to pour our entire heart and soul into the project for the next lucky homeowner!


In this generation full of scams and fake news, it is really hard to find people whom you can fully trust. But for you to be able to spot the real and honest persons, you should strive to always be keen, be skeptical, be curious, and be persistent. You can do this by having a checklist in mind of the things you should be able to find in a person who’s credible. Those things should include transparency and integrity.

You will know if the people you work with are being honest and transparent, by how they act and talk. It will naturally show in the way they act towards you and their team as a whole. It will also show in what they say or how they answer your inquiries. You should be able to recall their words and actions, and if these are consistent throughout the process — from the first contact of the homeowner to signing the contract, and to closing.

Our Pledge

We commit ourselves to the service of our clients and will endeavor by all means to be fair. To the best of our abilities, we promise to never take advantage of any situation of our clients. It is our belief that each of our clients should be given the proper attention and guidance he deserves. We will do our best to be there for you and to help you reach your goals. Together, we will find the solutions to your real estate issues and concerns with honesty and compassion. As one team, let us all try to be respectful and understanding of each other, as this is how each person should be treated and dignified.

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