6 Tips for Making Your Louisville House More Energy Efficient

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The world is constantly evolving and at par with our population ever-growing. Your needs and wants are continuously depleting an already scarce resources system. To avoid us running out or abusing our resources further, we ought to be efficient in our use. With the available resources, always maximize and get the most out of their use.

Being energy efficient requires you to maximize the use of less energy and decrease any energy waste. Not only is this eco-friendly and a huge step to going green, but also super cost-friendly. A big step towards efficiency is using technology. Using the latest home technology reduces the amount of electricity you use annually. Below are six tips that will make your Louisville house more energy-efficient:

1. The Power of Insulation

Proper insulation of your home means it’s easier to monitor your home temperatures. It also helps prevent waste of energy used to keep you cold or warm. The perfect place to start your insulation is the roof, attic, or loft. That is the area you lose most energy through while at home in Louisville. Roof insulation is fairly cheap and affordable. Its cost will depend on your weather patterns and the roof size.

Insulation seals any air leaks and creates a cover for the desired room temperatures. Additionally, it’s recommended that you insulate your walls for optimal efficiency. If your wall materials are stronger, wall insulation will save you even more utility costs. Insulation keeps you cozy, saves energy, and is pocket-friendly in the long term, absolute efficiency.

2. Install Solar Panels

Solar panels are some of the most popular energy-efficiency products. Apart from the first-time cost, solar panels heat water and produce electricity for you for free. Solar panels harvest the sun’s energy, an infinite energy source. One of the best practices of energy efficiency is the use of lower fossil fuels.

Solar panels are fairly affordable in present times and have varying systems for different usages. In some states/countries, you will be liable to some tax incentives if you use solar systems. Moves like these by governments are to promote energy efficiency and its awareness.

3. Monitor your Laundry and Water Usage

Cleanliness and hygiene are centered around the use of water. When washing clothes, we tend to use home water. Water heating accounts for 90% of the energy used by washing machines. Switching to using cold water instead saves you a lot in the long run. Upgrade the model of your water heater and use an energy-efficient machine to ensure less energy is maximized.

The use of a clothes dryer sparks a complicated conversation. Clothes dryers are not inclined to save on energy. However, in some areas, they are a necessity due to the illegality or despise of clotheslines. Checking your water usage and for any water leaks or tap, drips are essential. Work out the best ways you can decrease your water usage while staying clean. Fix any damages that cause any water leaks. It’ll save you from high water bills.

4. Upgrade your Air Conditioning and Heating Systems

The air quality of your Louisville home is vital to your health and wellbeing. Your air conditioning is interconnected to the heating system of your home. The two processes of heating and cooling own the top two places of household energy consumption. Thus, ensure you practice seasonal maintenance of your system.

Regular maintenance/repairs ensure the functionality is up to speed and efficiency. Fans also help with energy efficiency. Work out the most energy-efficient option for your home’s air conditioning. Boilers are another source of high electricity costs. It’s best to update to the latest boiler models, which are tuned to be energy-efficient.

5. Use Energy-Efficient Appliances and Plans

The need to be energy-efficient means appliances are being made to cater for efficiency. Switching to using such appliances is a nice move towards your house in Louisville being sustainable. LED bulbs are more energy-efficient than normal bulbs and should be considered for lighting your home. You could also check at your supermarket for smart and energy-efficient bulb brands. Avoiding taking frequent looks into the oven when cooking. Turning your oven off a while before cooking time ends saves loads of energy. The oven is one of many kitchen appliances that you need to upgrade to energy-efficient models.

Another such appliance is your refrigerator. Refrigerators are common in many homes and use a lot of energy. Using an energy-efficient model and sticking with the recommended freezing temperatures will cut your electricity costs. Full refrigerators also use less energy and are more efficient than when empty or fully packed. Research and compare energy plans from different utility companies. Some companies will offer plans that will lower your bills and increase efficiency.

6. All the Little Things

When it comes to energy, the little, over-your-head habit that we ignore costs the most cumulatively. Forgetting to switch off our lights or appliances after use leads to energy wastage. It is also thoughtful to unplug your unused chargers. Minor energy wastage could contribute to 10% of your annual energy cost bills. Using natural light during the day not only saves lighting expenses but also helps your AC lower its use.

Thermostats are powerful tools for your home’s energy efficiency. Smart thermostats can track routines, adjust and set energy-efficient limits on your energy use. For a normal thermostat, it is advisable to set the temperatures to 78F in summers and 68F during winters. All these small changes contribute to fewer utility costs in the long run. Other tips to boost energy efficiency include:

  • Use your microwave instead of the stove for cooking
  • When not using your living room appliances, turn them off
  • Go the composting way and use organic waste energy for some of your home needs
  • Windows affect your room temperature; ensure they are sealed to save on energy
  • Ensure all taps are tightly turned off

The best way to know what energy efficiency plans will work best for your home is by tracking your usage. Energy use awareness helps you minimize energy wastage and increases your efficiency. Our advancements in technology offer the best systems and enable easy transitioning to energy efficiency. Be energy-efficient and lead to a more sustainable world.

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